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    08 Фев
    Houdini Indie now allows rendering up to 4k plus installation on a 2nd computer

    SideFX has released a new build of Houdini that allows Indie license owners to render image sequence

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    06 Фев
    Landscape tools overview in Houdini

    Aron Kamolz has released an overview of his experiments with the landscape features introduced in H

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    Direct Modelling HDA for Houdini released

    Alexey Vanzhula has released Direct Modelling HDA, an extended and improved version of his previous

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    Physics Painter for Houdini

    Physics Painter for Houdini Paul Ambrosiussen presents a new digital asset for Houdini based on Clov

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    Houdini Skinning Converter utility

    Houdini Skinning Converter utility SideFX has released a tutorial and a free Houdini digital asset b

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    Quadraped rigging in Houdini

    ILM Creature TD, Bjørn Blaabjerg Sørensen, has released a comprehensive series of video tutorials

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