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    Creating trees and foliage with Ornatrix

    Ephere has released a new 4 part tutorial by Michael McCarthy on how to create procedural trees and

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    Creating Grass with color variation in UE4

    Quixel has released a new tutorial by Wiktor Öhman demonstrating how to use its assets to create ph

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    SpeedTree for VFX

    FXPHD has announced a new course taught by VFX supervisor Eran Dinur titled SpeedTree Techniques f

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    Making it Snow with Forest Pack

    Introduction In this special seasonal instalment of our regular tips and tricks episodes, we’r

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    Creating mattes and compositing large scale explosions in After Effects

    ActionVFX has recently released two tutorials demonstrating how to create a composite using their ex

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    19 Дек
    Allan McKay’s free Decay VFX course

    Allan McKay has released a free 7 part, 10 hour VFX training course that demonstrates how to add eff

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    Sketchup to Photoreal

    Pedro Fernandes from Arqui9 has released a tutorial demonstrating a photobashing workflow for archit

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    Scanning mountains with 3DF Zephyr

    Scott Nebeker has shared a making-of tutorial explaining how he used 3DF Zephyr (and a small aircraf

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    Structural engineering basics for VFX artists

    Bottleship VFX has shared a video of an internal training session with Stoyan Ninov explaining the b

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    01 Дек
    Autodesk University 2017 classes available online

    Autodesk has made available many hours of video recordings, handouts and other materials from the pr

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