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    08 Фев
    Redshift offer 20% reduction until 20 February

    Redshift has announced a 20% price reduction on perpetual node-locked and floating licenses until 20

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    NVIDIA announces Titan V

    NVIDIA Titan V has announced its latest video card aimed at the professional market. The Titan V fe

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    Mari 4.0 now available

    Foundry has announced a new release of Mari, its 3D painting software. New features of version Mar

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    05 Дек
    Red Giant one day 40% sale

    As with previous years Red Giant eschew Black Friday to offer 40% off all their products for one day

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    DazToMaya released

    3DtoAll has announced the release of DazToMaya, a new tool that allows you to transfer a character f

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    15 Ноя
    Teaser: New Instancing script allows users to connect the Coordinates and Output of multiple maps

    Dave Wortley has released a teaser video of an extremely useful looking new script that uncovers som

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    SmartRefs released for 3DS Max

    SingularByte has announced the release of SmartRefs, a new external referencing plugin for 3DS Max p

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