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    06 Фев
    Redshift v2.5.56

    Redshift v2.5.56 from Redshift Rendering Technologies, Inc. Changes for v2.5.56 are: — Fixes

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    Corona Render for Cinema 4D Beta 1 released

    We are pleased to announce that Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D Beta 1 is released! The main purpose

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    23 Янв
    V-Ray Benchmark updated

    Chaos Group has announced an update to V-Ray Benchmark, its standalone app for testing the rendering

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    V-Ray Next VFB 2 sneak peek

    Vlado has posted a video of a preview build for the new V-Ray Frame Buffer 2 for V-Ray Next showing

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    AI Denoising in FinalRender preview

    Cebas has released a preview video of AI denoising in FinalRender TrueHybrid using NVIDIA OptiX 5.0

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    21 Дек
    Guerilla Render 2.0 released

    Guerilla Render 2.0 released Mercenaries Engineering has released a new version of Guerilla Render 2

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    15 Дек
    OctaneRender for Unity released

    Unity Technologies has announced that Otoy’s GPU powered OctanceRender is now available for Unity.

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    14 Дек
    V-Ray Next preview and beta announced

    V-Ray Next preview and beta announced Previews of the what’s to come for Chaos Group’s popular

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    Videos of NVidia’s AI powered denoiser in Redshift and V-Ray GPU

    NVidia has published a short video showcasing RedShift’s implementation of its AI powered denoiser

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    05 Дек
    Pixar’s Foundation for Materials

    Pixar has published a technical document outlining the principals, modern features and use-cases for

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