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    Braid Maker 1.0 for Maya

      Braid Maker is a new commercial tool for Maya that enables the user to hand-draw procedural b

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    Vray Proxy Time Shifter

    Vray Proxy Time Shifter Version: 01 Date Updated: 01/31/2018 Author Name: Alaa Alnahlawi A 3ds max

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    Welder for Maya

    Romain Chauliac has released a commercial script for Maya that enables the user to create and edit w

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    Border Spline

    Border Spline Version: 1.0 Date Updated: 01/26/2018 Author Name: Shawn Olson The free scripted sha

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    24 Янв
    Tetra Tree

    Tetra Tree Version:  0.01a Author Name: Vojtech Cada Random branching extension of the tetrahedral

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    24 Янв

    Radially is a new plugin for 3DS Max that adds a customisable pie menu with the ability to assign an

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    EffectiveTDs has released Razor, a new cutting tools designed by Paul Fuller. Razor features a non-d

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    23 Янв
    NGon by Edge

    NGon by Edge Version: 0.03a Author Name: Vojtech Cada NGon spline primiticlass=»field ve creat

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    Color ID Pro

    Color ID Pro Version: 1.02 Date Updated: 01/22/2018 Author Name: Savaş Çetin Extended maxscript gu

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    18 Янв
    Mapped Wirecolor Range

    Mapped Wirecolor Range Version: v2 Date Updated: 01/18/2018 Discription: This Script creates the la

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