Cheetah 3D 7.0 released
Cheetah 3D 7.0 released

Cheetah 3D 7.0 released

MW3D-Solutions has released version 7.0 of Cheetah 3D, its inexpensive modelling, rendering and animation tool for OSX. Significant new features include


    • New unbiased uni directional path tracing renderer


    • New booleans with support for NGons


    • Improvements to the  UI


    • Animated textures


    • Soft selections


    • Collada import


    • Object layers


    • Full OpenEXR workflow


    • Integration of macOS sharing services (upload images to Facebook, Twitter, etc.)


    • Compatible with macOS High Sierra


    • Hundreds of other new features (see full list below)


Cheetah 3D costs $99, and a save-disabled trial is available.  This is the first release of Cheetah 3D in 5 years so there are too many additions to list here, you can see the full details on Cheetah 3D website.