Creating roofs with RailClone


When we develop new features or make improvements to our plugins, we take into consideration what people are currently using them for —  and then try to make it a little bit easier. A good example of this is roofs. We have noticed that a lot of people are using RailClone to distribute slates and tiles. This makes sense, creating roofs can be a tedious process, poly counts can creep up, and architects often ask for many many changes. A parametric solution is therefore ideal. In RailClone 2 the process involved using clipping splines that are automatically filled with roof tiles. Due to the way RailClone 2 worked you needed one RailClone object for each roof plane. This worked well, but it could have worked better, so in RailClone 3 we added a couple of extra features to make creating roofs, and in fact any other object that can be distributed using closed splines, even easier. Let’s start this tutorial by taking a look at these new options.

The techniques for creating roof tiles work can be used with the free Lite version of RailClone so if you’re not yet a RailClone user then here’s a great excuse to take if for a spin.

Written and video versions are available on the iToo Software website.