SiNi Software has released Disperse, a new tool for 3DS Max that enable users to interactively paint and replace 3D geometry. Features include:


    • The ability to paint any 3D geometry, point cache or proxy objects.


    • Paint on any surface, without the need to select them first.


    • Randomise transforms, colour variations and animation offsets.


    • Parametric workflow that enables the user to edit painted objects at any time.


    • Converts to a single object as you paint with several display modes to maintain viewport speed.


    • Option to collapse to an editable mesh or save as multiple objects separated by type.


    • Clip by spline and camera view


Disperse is available on subscription individually for £5 a month or £50 a year, or as part of the a suite that includes all their tools at £15 a month, £180 per year. A 30 day trial is available. Find out more on SiNi Software’s website.