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A 3ds Max script to save key positons of the face witch is controlled with sliders

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It’s a tool for animators to save key face poses and speed up work. It’s gets the position of the selected sliders and do a snapsot on the viewport and save as a button. First you have to set the «CHR» as the charachter name and set the path where the picurates begin saved.

Additional Info:

Right click on button: Saves the actual position of the selected object’s and create an image button from the viewport
Left click on button: Sets the object to the saved position
Save, Load: Save, load files
Numbered Multipler buttons: Set’s the strenght of the saved pose
Set Project button: The path where the viewport picurates get saved
Set CHR button: The current charachter name, this name was used when the picurates begin saved

There is an issue when you try to load a saved files the picurates doesn’t appear.