Вышел FumeFX 5.0
Sitni Sati анонсировала новую версию FumeFX, плагин для флюид динамики в 3DS Max. Версия 5.0, представляет усовершенствования рабочего процесса, переработанное ядро и несколько новых функций, включая следующее:
    • FumeFX GPU accelerated display has been integrated within the 3DS Max viewport, including volumetric shadows, proper geometry occlusion and instant shader feedback. (supports 3DS Max 2016 and newer)


    • Data preview has been changed to allow users to choose voxel display size.


    • A new FumeFX toolbar has been added that provides access to FumeFX and source creation as well as simulation control.



    • A new conservative advection type that can create fluid flows that minimize numerical losses even after 900 frames of animation.


    • A simulation core redesign that enables the use of complex geometry instead of using proxies without breaking the solver or causing instabilities.


    • Smooth retiming regardless of simulation sub-steps and retiming scale factor.


    • Up to 20% faster simulation (depending on the scene setup)


    • Ability to retime simulation during the Wavelet Turbulence pass.


    • Vorticity II optimizations include faster calculations and lower memory requirements.


    • Improved simulation scaling. Grids of different spacing will result in similar simulations.


    • Improved scaling with CPU cores used in the simulation.


I/O Subsystem

    • A new lossy .fxd compression that allows per-channel compression quality and mixing of lossless and lossy channels inside the same cache file.


    • Multithreaded .fxd I/O for ultra-fast caches saving and loading.


    • Load caches at user-defined reduced resolution giving users easier viewport manipulation and rendering setup.


    • Minimize grid during the cache saving produces smaller files that save faster and render faster.


    • The ability to write OpenVDB caches in a form that makes them easily readable inside the Arnold Volume Grid, Redshift grid and Houdini. The FumeFX vdb cache will be correctly positioned.


    • Various OpenVDB caches optimizations and fixes.



    • Gridless Advection allows usage of exported velocities or 3D texture to create additional detail.


    • Direct rendering support with Corona renderer.


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