Gaea early access now available
выпустила версию своего перспективного нового инструмента моделирования ландшафта, доступную для покупки. В автономном приложении сочетаются процедурные методы создания высотной карты с управляемым художником управлением, похожим на скульптуру. Некоторые из основных моментов включают:


    • A hybrid layer based or node based approach combined with sculpting to provide several options to artists to choose the way they’d prefer to work.


    • Directed Erosion that uses physics to enable the user to sculpt erosion where you need it rather than apply it to the entire landscape.


    • Advanced Hydraulic Erosion algorithms.


    • Debris nodes to add rocks and other objects using physics assisted scattering.


    • Data maps including deposits wetness, velocity and flow and Biome maps that use rainfall, moisture, and altitude to create different ecosystems. These can be used as masks for sophisticated terrain colouring or even with 3rd party scattering tools (like Forest Pack) to populate the landscape with scattered objects.


    • The ability to create non-uniform stratification with plate-breakage, terrain folding and rifts.


    • Tiled builds.


    • Scriptable and open format.


    • Realistic sediment accumulation.


    • Several prefabricated primitives that can be used as a starting point for custom designs.


    • Several noise types, refined for use in landscape modelling.


    • Real-time viewports with support for lighting, atmosphere, and water, including material presets for rapid visualisation.


    • Plus much more.


Бессрочные лицензии Gaea стоят $ 84 для indie лицензии , 199 долларов США для лицензии Professional и 299 долларов США за лицензию Enterprise. Сокращение на 15% доступно на этапе раннего доступа (до 22 марта), а владельцы GeoGlyph могут получить скидку 25%. Узнайте больше на Quadspinner website и новом блоге Gaea blog

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