Guerilla Render 2.0 released
Guerilla Render 2.0 released

Mercenaries Engineering has released a new version of Guerilla Render 2.0 , a component of Guerilla – its solution for look development, scene assembly, lighting and rendering that also includes Guerilla Station.  Version 2 add several significant features including:


    • A redesigned path tracing engine for a simpler setup and improved performance.


    • Adaptive sampling for uniform noise and speed improvements.


    • The addition of interactive rendering to the viewports


    • Implementation of bidirectional path tracing for complex illuminattions.


    • Improved materials that use the GGX specular lobe and an emphasis on energy conservation in all areas.


    • AOVs no use OpenShadingLanguage Light Path Expressions.


    • Implementation of a Russian Roulette ray depth algorithm


Guerilla Station starts at 2000€ per seat, Guerilla Render at 700€ per node. Prices for both decrease according to volume. One free unlimited license of either application is also available.  Find out more on the Guerilla Render website.