Lumion 8 released

Act-3D has released Lumion 8, its real-time architectural visualization software. New features include:


    • A new styles feature that enables users to change the whole look and atmosphere of a scene in one click using several presets.


    • A new daylight simulator system called Sky Light.


    • Soft Shadows and Fine Detail Shadows options to fine tune shadow effects.


    • Hyperlight effect for boosting lighting quality and accuracy when rendering videos.


    • A new hand drawn outline effect.


    • A new Model and Material variation effect to switch and compare between design options.


    • Improved colour correction and layer features.


    • A new Time warp effect to offset animation.


    • A tilt shift effect for model style output.


    • “Look at fixed point” for the handheld camera effect.


    • A 2-Point Perspective slider for correcting vertical distortion.


    • Mass placement for curved shapes.


    • New tools for measuring and using Open Streetmap.


    • Many new materials and models in the included library.


    • 4k video rendering.


Lumion is available in a Standard version for € 1499 and a Pro version for € 2999. A free trial is available. More on Lumion’s website