MaxMounts Pro

MaxMounts Pro 2.0

is a maxscript for Autodesk® 3ds Max® that creates realistic mountains, terrains and other features like stones and rivers.

It is interactive, fast and easy to use, just needs one click for the beginners and has a rich set of parameters for advanced users.

Available on Autodesk App Store.

Demo Video

Tutorial Video

Additional Info:

Script features:

  • Single click mountain creation
  • Multiple resolutions from high to low poly
  • Tons of parameters. Infinite variety
  • Add and edit individual peaks
  • Valleys and rivers
  • Stone Creation Tool
  • Saving and loading of presets
  • Built in materials
  • River Map Creation
  • Add custom maps
  • Output is Editable Poly, materials are common 3ds Max materials, Fully editable.
  • Free Updates and support
  • Supports versions 3ds Max 2014 — 2018

See full documentation for details or watch the tutorial video.

Version Requirement:

3ds Max 2014 — 2018

Video URL: