Maya 2018.3 выпустили.

Autodesk объявила о выпуске Maya 2018.3. Новые функции:


  • The ability to auto-frame both axes in the graph editor
  • Improvements to MASH nodes including a new Display Percentage attribute added to the Instancer node; the ability to reorder points according to proximity to a mesh or point. randomly, or based on the XYZ axis in the Offset node; a new stick to mesh mode for the placer; and performance improvements to the Repro node.
  • One-click smart presets used for common motion graphics tasks. Several are included categorised into groups for FX, motion graphics, and type.
  • New option for render preferences allowing you to control whether lights are added in each render layer by default, an option to decide if new objects created when in a new render layer should be saved to an active collection, the ability to customise the colour of render setup layers and more.
  • New profiler view options that allow you to show critical paths, expand and collapse events and their children.
  • The Wire Deformer is now GPU accelerated and a new bind to original geometry option has been added. This option allows you to specify a mesh on which the wire deformer bases its deformation.
  • Minor changes to the UV editor.

Maya Lite 2018.3 также был выпущен только с улучшением UV и графического редактора.

Узнайте больше о новой версии в документации Maya и просмотрите полный список исправлений ошибок в примечаниях к выпуску.