MCG Clonewolf

MCG Clonewolf Version: 1.03
Date Updated:  02/27/2018

This Clonewolf allows both local rotation AND offset rotation to work at the same time !!! It also ‘fits’ the clones together using bbox instead of you manually fiddling around, it also allows mesh alignment for rotation so you don’t have to fiddle with your object’s subobj level.

Как установить

Then can be found in modifier dropdown list.

ver 1.01: Reduce Display option (disable when rendering !)

ver 1.02: reorganised UI so Mesh Alignment now has it’s own group, this is because you can use this to affect BBox Trans Offset too, not just for rotation. Please watch the video to see usage when you change scale from the default 1.0

ver 1.03:added option to remove coplanar faces for welding. I do not like the MCG Weld so it is not implemented inside. You should use the Welder modifier instead.Also, do NOT use the Morph feature, it is for me to fool around with. I suggest if you want to do something similar, then simply clone straight out, Welder, then apply a Bend modifier on top.
3ds Max Version Requirement: 2016

Other Requrements:2016, 2017…don’t care about 2018…get stuffed

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