MCG PMesh Version:1.00
Date Updated:11/17/2017
While this may not be quite so polished, it may get you out of a tight spot if you just MUST apply some modifier to Particles…hence they have to be turned to mesh.

Sorry, Max 2018 ONLY.


(or drag n drop…whatever)

Then can be found as PMesh in modifier dropdown list)

NOTE: for PFlow, before applying Path Deform, you MUST disable PMesh first, otherwise it will hang. If your Particles are Particle System..then it’s ok you don’t have to disable PMesh first.

I’m not a techie guy so dunno why I couldn’t extract the whole Transformation Matrix for Particle System..only their positions. For PF, everything is there..

Sneak Peek: (if I can put up with the current bug in 2018 MCG that is…)

3ds Max Version Requirement:2016
Other Requrements:2018 ONLY despite what you see above !!!

vu_pmesh_1.00.zip3.06 KB