Multiverse Studio version 5 released
J-Cube in partnership with Foundry has announced a new release of Mulitverse,
their advanced asset interchange tool that wraps around modern standards such as MaterialX, USD, and Alembic.
New features of version 5 include:


    • Multiverse Look Outliner (MLO) provides the ability to quickly expand complex hierarchy trees, pattern–search, select hierarchy items and perform multiple hierarchical overrides for visibility, material/displace assignments, attribute set overrides and afne transformations. Always operates on packed geometry, fully in-sync with the Maya VP2.


    • Hierarchical Selection allows a user to select any hierarchy item of a packed geometry without unpacking it both in the VP2 and in the new Multiverse Panel UI.


    • Hierarchical Assignments make it possible to assign materials/displacements and attributes to any hierarchy item of a packed geometry without unpacking it.


    • Arnold, 3Delight and RenderMan procedurals resolve materials, displacements and attributes assignments and overrides procedurally.


    • The ability to read and write sequences of Alembic or USD fles as “fle-per-frame” in Maya (rather than as a single, and potentially very large, fle). File-per-frame sequences can be also written by Houdini 16.5.


    • The ability to selectively write and easily read Alembic data as layers and override any properties, such as Transforms, Positions, UVs, Normals etc.


    • Improved playback performance of packed geometry thanks to a new parallel architecture and an dry-run playback cache.


    • “Bounding boxes” and “Point cloud” draw modes for quickly and efficiently displaying packed geometry, respectively drawing as a bounding box or as a point cloud for each hierarchy item.


    • Shading and texturing in VP2 according to material assignment to hierarchy items. Shading is enabled for all data: poly mesh, curves and points.


    • Many improvements and fixes.


Multiverse 5.0 also sees the introduction of rental licensing and a new less expensive indie tier with no revenue restrictions, in addition to the existing perpetual scheme.

Find out more on the Multverse website.