Nuke 11.1 released
Foundry has announced its latest release of Nuke.

Version 11.1 adds new tools to enable visual script diagnostics including a Profile node that allows performance data to be captured and displayed in a new Profile Panel in a bar chart, pie chart, a list of nodes, or using a timeline.


The localisation system has also been updated to give users more refined control of when and which files are localised. A new manual mode enables users to localise files only when prompted, and the Python API has been extended to enable developers to script localisation policies.

Finally, properties for source clips in the Nuke Studio and Hiero timeline have been extended and organised in to a single location with the aim of creating a more efficient workflow.

Nuke is available starting from £2903 for a perpetual license or £889 quarterly. You can read more about the new release on the Foundry website.