Project Manager version 2.83.52 released

New features in Alexander Kramer’s script

for organising models, materials, textures and lights in 3DS Max include:



    • The ability to Interactively Render of .BVH ( Bio Vision Hierarchical ) animation files.
    • The ability to create Biped from .CSM ( Character Studio Motion Capture file ) files.
    • Support to Final Render trueHybrid (fR R3.6 also supported) Native preview for Final Render Proxy files (.fpx).
    • The ability to paint using merged nodes.
    • New capabilities with placing merged objects in scene: place on selection, on all scene objects or home grid.
    • The ability to save/restore materials with standard Displace and CoronaDisplacement modifiers.
    • Asset files refresh automatically after changing link to xRefs.
    • Speed improvements for for resolve, strip and change the links to asset files.
    • .IFL files are now copied properly when user collect asset files or make an archive.

Project Manager costs $75, and a free demo is available. More on Kstudio’s website