Redshift v2.5.56

Changes for v2.5.56 are:
– Fixes installation issues on macOS for Houdini and Cinema 4D
– Adds C4D support for HiDPI displays to the RenderView in OSX
– Improves the C4D ShaderGraph Editor to display the ShaderNode type in the node header area
– Fixes a C4D crash when the RenderView was docked in the startup layout
– Fixes a C4D issue where background renders could affect the RenderView
– Houdini can now randomize the FrameID used in ‘Randomize Pattern on Each Frame’ render option
– The randomize noise pattern feature now also works in the Houdini IPR/RenderView
– Fixes the Houdini docking problems with the RSRenderView
– Fixes the Houdini MPlay OCIO functions in the images rendered from Redshift
– Fixes a Houdini IPR crash if an instancer is updated with 0 instances
– Fixes a critical Houdini bug in the multi-thread packed geo extraction feature on Linux/OSX
– Fixes a new spot-light fall-off curve control bug (it had very little effect previously)
– Improves accuracy of non-inverse-square decay lights (makes way for C4D global scene scale)
– Adds a new legacy option to revert to old non-inverse-square light decay math
– Fixes a recent instability when rendering proxies containing shaders with curve data

Redshift is available for Max 2013 to 2018 and costs $500. A demo version is available here.