SplineTools Version:2.0

Date Updated:04/17/2018
Simple tools for working with splines in 3dsMax.

These tools includes:

  • -Selection filtering *Select only closed *Select only open 
  • -Clean up *Convert to spline and perform overlapping points weld.
  • -Close all *Close all splines
  • -Set points to corner/smooth/bezier/bezierCorner *Sub-object level sensitive
  • -Select by length *Select and sort splines by input length
  • -Sort *Detach open splines
  • -Explode *Explode shape object to splines (not segments)
  • -VArranger *Arrange selected splines by input z values and optionaly create a surface. Used to create terrain from drawing.


v.1.1 Update:

Set points to corner/smooth/bezier/bezierCorner now works with sub-object levels selection.

v.1.5 Update:

Select by length tool added. Now you can select/detach/explode splines in a given range.

Select open / Select close sub-object level selection added.

v.2.0 Update:

All Scripts rewriten.

Works only with editable spline or line objects. Other will be ignored. You need to convert shape object to editable spline before use or use Clean up tool.

Instance object connection is preserved now.

Sort tool added.

Explode tool added.

ZArranger Tool for quick terrain creation added.

  1. Run script
  2. Set Start value
  3. Set Step value
  4. Select your section shapes one by one from lower to higher.
  5. Hit Arrange Button

Additional Info:

Instalation :
Paste to \Users\User\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\20** — 64bit\ENU\usermacros
Restart 3dsMax

Version Requirement:3ds Max 2009