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    V-Ray Next for 3DS Max выпущен.

    Chaos Group announced at the Total Chaos event in Sofia, Bulgaria last Friday that V-Ray next for 3D

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    03 Апр
    Как настроить анализ освещения в V-Ray Next.

    Мы добавили новые инструменты анализа освещения в V-Ray N

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    Next Level GPU Rendering in V-Ray Next

    This week we take a look at the major advances in GPU rendering coming with V-Ray Next — nearly al

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    28 Мар
    V-Ray Next: будущее V-Ray интервью с Vladimir Koylazov

    Real-time and offline renderers will converge — says Vladimir Koylazov, CTO of Chaos Group. V

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    21 Фев
    V-Ray Next: The science behind the new hair shader

    Rendering Hair: A Physiological Approach Rendering hair correctly in computer graphics is a fairly c

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