Tetrahedral Spline
Tetrahedral SplineVersion: 0.02a
Author Name: Vojtech Cada

Tetrahedral mesh primitive primitive traced along a picked spline path. The starting direction is controlled by the Seed parameter, after that new tetrahedrons are added in directions resulting to the closest match to the original path. When turbosmoothed, the result is a uniform organic-looking surface.

Tetrahedron Spline

Additional Info:

The Error Margin parameter controls when the shape is terminated. If it is low, points in the direction of sharper turns in the original path can be deemed too far away to be considered a valid continuation. If it is high, narrow parts of the original path might be sampled, thus skipping some of these parts completely. If very high, the whole path might be sampled multiple times:

The parts of the path where this happen depend on the starting direction — you can usually tweak the Seed to avoid early trace termination. The bigger the radius, the bigger gaps can be skipped with a high error margin:

Installation: Copy the .ms file to your scripts\startup folder or run as a script if you want to try it out first. The object primitive will be available under Geometry > Examples in the Create panel.

Version Requirement:

3DS Max 2010

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