Thinking Particle drop 6 introduces All Purpose Fields
Cebas Visual Technology
has announced a new release of Thinking Particles. Drop 6 introduces All Purpose Fields (APF), comprising seven new volumetric operators that allow the user to create and manipulate forces in 3D space to art direct complex particle simulations.


Initial State Operator

Several other improvements are included in this release, including a new operator called InitialState that allows the user to freeze any simulation state at a specified time. All simulation data can then be saved to restart the simulation at a later time.

Math Helpers

Several new math helper nodes have been added alongside the addition of new functions to existing nodes. New nodes include Sum which enables users to create summations of multiple inputs. New functions include Deg2Rad, Rad2Deg and vector operations like Collide, CollideDeflection, and RollMatrix.

SPH 6.6 improvements Open VDB support, and online help

Finally, this release sees several other improvements including stability enhancements to the SPH fluid solver, support for OpenVDB, and up-to-date online help files that fall back to a locally installed version if web access is unavailable.

Thinking Particles is available to rent for  € 540 per year. Find out more on Cebas’ website.



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