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Nagy Tamás

It’s a Maxscript tool for working with multi tile textures with 3ds Max 2016 and below.

New version v.02!
Updated: 2017.11.16

— Added set Bump option
— Fixed a bug when there are less than 10 material the self-illim and bump setter rised an error

Purpose of the script:
– When you work with multi tile texturing with older Max than 2017 there is no way to deal with the texturing fast.

What it does:
– The first part scans the model in the uv space in vertex level, then for every uv-tile square order a material id.(Expamle picurate 1.)
– After the model is painted, the second part creates a multi material with proper material id numbers, from the exported textures from the choosen
painting program. (Mari, Substance Painter)

How to use:

1. Generate material ID’s:
— First you need to unwrap the model into different uv tiles. (in one horizontal line max 10)
— Set the numper of tiles
— Press Start

Then paint the model with The Foundry Mari(Preferred) or Substance Painter, export textures follow the UDIM standard.(jpg, tif, png,psd)

2. Generate Multi Material:
— Select target material slot
— Select Extension
— Press Start
— You get a path select window
— Select the folder of the wanted images (The best is when the folder only contains the needed images)
— Press ok
(Processing may take a while depending on the number and resolution of the images.)

3 and 4 Set Self-illum / Bump:
— Select target material slot
— Set the wanted value inside the Self-illum/Bump spinner and press enter

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The script is under development it may contains bugs!

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3ds Max

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