Universe 2.2 released

Red Giant has released an update to Universe, its suite of GPU accelerated plugins for editors and motion graphics artists. Version 2.2 updates the VHS and Retrograde effects and adds 11 new transitions, including:


    • VHS Transition mimics the effect that occurs when a VCR has been used to record over pre-existing footage.


    • Retrograde Transition uses real scans of 16mm and 8mm film to create an authentic film strip transition.


    • Carousel Transition mimics advancing to the next slide in an old slide projector.


    • Flicker Cut rapidly edits between two clips or a solid color, and which can invert the clips or add fades.


    • Camera Shake Transition mimics camera shake while it transitions between clips.


    • Channel Surf mimics the distortion you’d get by changing the channel on a cathode ray tube TV.


    • Channel Blur blurs each of the RGB channels separately for a unique chromatic effect.


    • Linear Wipe with the addition of wipe mirroring, as well as an inner/outer stroke with glow on the wipe border.


    • Shape Wipe uses an ellipse, rectangle or star shape to move between 2 pieces of footage. Includes control over points, size, stroke and fill.


    • Color Mosaic overlays a variety of colors in a mosaic pattern as it transitions between 2 clips.


    • Clock Wipe, a radial wipe transition with feathering and the option for a dual clock wipe.


Universe is available to rent for $99 per year. Find out more on Red Giant’s website.