Выпущен The Grove версия 6 для Blender

New features in F12 visuals’ tree creation add-on for Blender include:

  • The ability to easily add twigs and textures from easy to access libraries
  • A new Scale to Match Twig option that matches any size twig to any preset.
  • Improved branching direction in response to gravity.
  • Improvements to the simulation of conifers.
  • A new effect that favours upward growing branches over those that dangle down.
  • The ability to smooth kinks caused by lateral takeover.
  • The ability to specify a number of trees to grow small groups.
  • Automatic pruning to simulate trees found in a city.
  • Several improvements to the simulation of dead branches.
  • 40 improved or additional presets.
  • UI improvements to streamline the interface plus many more small features and fixes.

The Grove is available as an add-on for Blender for €109 and runs on OSX, Linux and Windows. To celebrate the 6th release of the software, The Grove is currently available at a 20% discount until June 14 2018. More on The Grove’s website.