Выпущен Ornatrix 2.0 для Maya

Ephere выпустила Ornatrix 2.0 для Maya, плагин посвященный созданию волос, меха и пера. Новые функции:

  • Moov Hair physics to provide a new way to simulate any type of hair, complex or simple.
  • Harmonic Oscillator operator to provide a quick and easy real-time way of simulating basic fur and hair dynamics.
  • Normalize operator to fix intersecting hairs.
  • Clumping operator with features like per-clump management and clump patterns.
  • Braids Shape to allow creating procedural braid patterns on your characters with ease.
  • Push Away From Surface operator for accurate surface penetration fixing.
  • Resolve Collisions operator to robustly keep hair away from an object, with animation controls.
  • Change Width operator with a better way of controlling hair width.
  • Importing Alembic hair from external assets with all information intact.
  • Adopt External Guides operator to use a separate guides object for controlling pre-modelled hair.
  • Weaver and Weaver Pattern for generating woven hairs such as in rattan furniture, wire fences, or cloth.
  • Scatter operator to create feathers and foliage.
  • Ornatrix V-Ray Primitive for smoothly rendering hair with low segment counts.
  • Many more improvements to existing features including the addition of SeExpr, render attributes, and others.

Ornatrix costs $499 and a free demo is available.  See complete list of the new features on Ephere’s website and see a video of the new features on Vimeo.