Zig beta released
A new collaboration app called Zig has been announced and is now available to beta test.
Zig is designed to enable users from different disciplines to connect and create projects together by combining  aspects of networking and social media with project management in a single app. Some of the features include:


    • Networking tools to help collaborators in a built-in directory. It is possible to search by skill, location, or name.


    • Roadmaps to schedule tasks and compare schedules across projects.


    • Realtime messaging channels with link embedding to share images, sounds and video.


    • The ability to create groups within projects for specific team channels.


    • The ability to share files to Zig from Dropbox and Google Drive.


    • Links to portfolios on a users personal profile.


    • The ability to display availability.


    • Track time on tasks and against budgets


    • The ability to prioritise tasks and projects based on due dates and budgets.


    • Control over privacy to decide how you are seen on the network.


    • The ability to link tasks so that other users knows what needs to happen and who’s working on it.


    • A news feed to see project information like invites, task updates and new connections.


    • It’s not all work, features are available to schedule life and work in one place.


Zig is browser based with plans for mobile apps to be released soon. No pricing information is currently available but you can read more about the platform and sign up as a beta tester on the Zig website.