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    31 Янв
    Ultraflares Flarepack Volume 1

    Richard Rosenman has released Ultraflares Flarepack Volume 1, a new set of 30 anamorphic presets for

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    23 Янв
    Substance materials by Daniel Thiger

    Allegorithmic has announced the addition of 15 detailed procedural ground materials to their subsc

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    18 Янв
    Zig beta released

    A new collaboration app called Zig has been announced and is now available to beta test. Zig is desi

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    16 Янв
    Ultraflares 1.2 for Photoshop released

    Richard Rosenman has released an update to Ultraflares, his Photoshop plugin that enables users to g

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    04 Янв
    Light Leaks Vol.3

    Light Leaks Vol.3 Richard Rosenman has released a new collection Light Leaks Vol.3 of 162 edge burn

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    01 Дек
    HDRI Haven releases 40 new C01 HDRIs

    Greg Zaal has made an additional 40 16k unclipped HDRIs available, bringing the total available for

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    24 Ноя
    ActionVFX releases 3 new collections: Explosions Vol 2, Aerial Explosions and Dust Waves Vol.2

    Action VFX, the stock footage website dedicated to VFX artists, has released 3 new collections of ex

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    13 Ноя
    HDR Vault launches with 44 free HDRs

    Филипп Модин (Philip Modin) запустил HDR Vault, новый веб-сайт с б

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    11 Ноя
    OLM release new toon style Blur, Radial Blur and Directional Blur plugins for After Effects

    OLM выпустила 3 новых плагина для After Effects, которые создаю

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    10 Ноя
    Create rig controls with the new Blender addon RigUI

    Christophe Seux has announced RigUI, a new addon for Blender that simplifies to process of creatin

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