Pipeline Kit для Modo

BabylonDreams has released Pipeline,  a suite of tools for working with massive CAD scenes, optimising the shading and rendering workflow and much more. The list of tools is included below

BabylonDreams выпустила Pipeline, набор инструментов для работы с массивными сценариями САПР, оптимизацию рабочего процесса затенения и рендеринга и многое другое. Список инструментов приведен ниже.

Modelling & Rigging

  • Re-Route Instances (switch out the source item of one or many instances)
  • De-Instance (turns any instances to meshes but leaves other items types alone)
  • Instance Source Center Adjust (works on fresh CAD imports and allows moving the center of the source item without the instances flying off into space)
  • Sync Instanced Hierarchies (makes sure your instanced group has the same contents as the source group)
  • Select by item size or volume.
  • Parent Selected to Group



  • Record GL (a better more powerful GL recording then the default modo one)
  • Reduce Keys
  • Jitter Animation (Baked)
  • Jitter Animation (Modifier)
  • Bake Camera Hierarchy and Export as FBX (for those times when you need a simple camera with animation curves no matter how complex the camera hierarchy)
  • Transfer Animation per Item
  • Transfer Animation Hierarchy Workflow (transfer the animation of complete rig assets by saving the animation to disk and then re-applying it to other scenes or updated rig assets)



  • Fix Orphans (fixes orphaned and hence invisible materials in the Shader Tree)
  • Collect All TextureLocators
  • Delete Unused TextureLocators
  • Share TextureLocators between Textures
  • Create Per Material RenderOutputs (great for creating alpha or color masks for compositing)
  • Texture Effects Chooser
  • Texture Color Space Chooser
  • Convert Texture to Gradient Control
  • Convert Texture to Color Correction Control
  • BBox Instance Toggle (turn selected or all scene instances to a bounding box display for speed or back to normal again at the click of a button)
  • BBox Display Threshold (permanent version of the dynamic feature that comes with modo 12.2)



  • Combine Render Pass Groups
  • Create per Material RenderOutputs
  • Update Render Paths (create render paths based on scene name and project location)
  • Open Selected renderOutput’s Folder (opens an Explorer/Finder window at the output path)
  • Adjust Overscan (one button overscan adjustments)
  • Headless Batch Creator (create all files necessary for batch rendering and if requested start a background render)



  • Version Up Scene
  • Version Up Scene with Comment
  • Clear Log


V-Ray Features.

  • Convert Texture to V-Ray Triplanar
  • Convert Texture to V-Ray Color Correction
  • Rename V-Ray Proxies based on Proxy Filename
  • Replace Hierarchy’s Meshes with vrmeshes

Цена комплекта начинается от € 14,40 за инди-лицензию, € 24,00 за внештатную лицензию и € 72 для компаний от 2 до 10 человек. Большие компании платят 240 евро за лицензию.

Узнайте больше на BabylonDreams website.