Выпущен SynthEyes 1806.

Новые функции в программном обеспечении отслеживания камер Andersson Technologies включают:

    • Solver advancements, including gigantic “order-of-magnitude” performance improvements for large scenes.
    • New Advanced Lens Distortion window, launched from the “more” button next to Calc. Distortion on the Solver panel.
    • Especially for better handling of cropped fisheye lenses from “action cameras” and drones, the solver can now determine cubic and quartic distortion coefficients as well as quadratic.
    • Cubic and quartic coefficients can be exported to an updated After Effects plugin.
    • Ability to directly solve for rolling shutter on (suitable) ordinary scenes.
    • New Advanced Solver Settings window, launched from the “more” button next to Go! on the Solver panel, for more detailed control over the solving process.
    • Object tracks now support locks on individual axes, for example only Z or only roll, rather than all three position axes or all three rotation axes. (The intro version retains the original limitation.)
    • Zero-weighted frames on the solver locking panel — specified frames don’t affect trackers, or therefore indirectly other frames.
    • Frame-decimated solves (every third or fourth frame, say), for additional acceleration of long shots.
    • At completion, the solver selects relevant trackers at user examination.
    • New “Unsolve” (a frame range) script to help work through long shots incrementally.
    • New “Find erratic tracker” tool for detecting problematic trackers before solving.
    • The time bar has a new right-click menu for better playback range management.
    • Lightwave object importer (for simple objects).
    • General application-wide performance improvements.

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