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    14 Фев
    Texturing.xyz updated with new human and creature textures

    Texturing XYZ has updated its library with over 300 new human and creature packages, including more

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    26 Янв
    Megascans updates

    Quixel has announced that new 3D plants have been added the Megascans library. Several new categorie

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    23 Янв
    Substance materials by Daniel Thiger

    Allegorithmic has announced the addition of 15 detailed procedural ground materials to their subsc

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    18 Янв
    Sketchfab Store launched

    Sketchfab has announced its new asset marketplace, the Sketchfab Store. The ability to make content

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    13 Янв
    Turbosquid rolls out StemCell format conversion

    Turbosquid has announced that StemCell format conversion is now live for its community, enabling the

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    Quixel release urban decals and new tutorial on creating a city street in Unreal

    Quixel release urban decals and new tutorial on creating a city street in Unreal Quixel has added a

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    23 Ноя
    Megascans 2018 site update including new free content

      Quixel has updated the Megascans website improving the user experience, re-rendering all asse

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    16 Ноя
    Texture Reference website launched

    Texture Reference is a new website providing free packs of textures which artists can use as inspira

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    14 Ноя
    Photoscanned textures website Friendly Shade launched

    Friendly Shade — новый веб-сайт, созданный Себастьяном Сап

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    09 Ноя
    Echo: advanced motion control

    Echo is a short film written and directed by visual effects director and fxphd.com senior contributo

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