3D Zephyr 3.7 released
3D Flow анонсировала последнюю версию 3D Zephyr, программного обеспечения для моделирования по изображениям.
Новые возможности версии 3.7 включают:


    • Support to multi-texture generation and major texturing improvements


    • Sharpening filter during texturing


    • Blurriness detection during texturing


    • Photoconsistency during texturing


    • Radiometric calibration


    • Multispectral support for orthophoto generation with multispectral transform composition


    • Multispectral viewer with colormaps support


    • Layers management in cameras


    • ‘turntable mode’ for automatic silhouette computation in Masquerade


    • Full 360 degree / equirectangular support


    • XMP workflow for fixed loading cameras parameters


    • Keyboard shortcuts to 3DF Masquerade


    • ‘High-Frequency Gain’ slider for photoconsistency to preserve sharp details


    • Color by elevation in the “update colours” dialog


    • “shutdown computer” function


    • .Fbx import support


    • UDIM texture support in import


    • Z+F bubble view support


    • Backface culling during selection


    • Position constraint in bundle adjustment for RTK GPS


    • Custom colour map to the dem viewer


    • ‘remove masks’ command


    • Support for 3fr raw cameras (Hasselblad)


    • Filters history in the mesh and point cloud property windows


    • ‘Ignore backface’ for points and triangles selection


    • Button to restart wizard when reconstruction failed


    • Stereo textured mesh join


    • Number of viewed cameras and reprojection threshold point cloud selection methods



Также была реорганизация функций 3DF Zephyr в три версии. 3DF Zephyr Pro больше не содержит orthophoto и orthomosaic, а 3DF Zephyr Aerial теперь включает в себя все доступные функции. Цены  Aerial ($3900), Pro ($2400), Lite ($149) и бесплатная версия. Дополнительно на 3Dflow’s website.

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