Bifrost2Deadline Submitter
Bifrost2Deadline Submitter Version: V1.00
Date Updated: 01/12/2018
Author Name: Auvigne Marc

‘Bifrost2Deadline’ Submitter script  makes it easier for Solve Bifrost simulation or/and exporting PRTs and Deadline submission.

This script allow to send Simulation solve or PRT export on Thinkbox Deadline based Farm…

Additional Info:

Run/Drag and drop the .mzp, Push the big button, Restart 3DSMax when asked, then go to custumise/toolbar/BIFROST TOOL (Bf2Dl). to find it.

The script work also with the free mode of Deadline… Deadline Module is optional, but deadline Luncher must running for it working.

Require 3dsMAX 2018.4+

V1.00 (inital release):
=> Support Simulation solve on Deadline Farm
=>Support PRT channel constant naming (via preferences) on tool lunch
=>Support PRT Export Job on Farm with custum channel selection, custum name, as a single job, or as a ‘chunked’ job with or without ‘3dsMAX restart between tasks’, very usefull to ‘hack’ the memory issue when exporting PRT with Bifrost in 2018.4.

Version Requirement:

3dsMAx 2018.4+

Other Software Required:

tested on Deadline 10.09.4

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