Instant Terra 1.0 released
has announced the release of Instant Terra 1.0, a new tool for generating terrain meshes and maps. The standalone node-based application promises to allow artists to create terrain using
real time full resolution previews with size and resolution limited only by the license you choose. Some of the features listed include:


    • The ability to mix terrains of different sizes together and use a mask to drive the composition.


    • The ability to paint masks directly in the 3D view and see the results in real time on the final terrain.


    • The ability to bulk import input data, including images, heightmaps and DEM files.


    • The ability to create and blend masks from heights and slopes, generate circular or pyramid masks, create masks from curves, and paint masks in the 3D view


    • The ability to change the size and resolution of the terrain dynamically.


    • Erosion tools to simulate natural environment effects.


    • Sample files to help users experiment with the features.


    • The ability to export maps and masks to tiff, png, raw, tga, bmp, or OpenExr;  and meshes as FBX files.


    • The ability to combine terrains using blend, sum, subtract average and linear operations.


Instant Terra has 4 license tiers, each one with a different cap on the maximum terrain size.

Rental prices start at the Indie edition for $24.90 per month, capped at 2k output, next there’s small business pricing at $79 per months for 4k output, thirdly, Professional licenses cost $249 per month, with an 8K cap and finally the enterprise version offers unlimited resolution for $550 per month (plus the ability to import RGBA Files and batch import).

Renting multiple licenses or for longer terms reduces prices. Find out more on the Wysilab website.

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