Mapped Wirecolor Range
Mapped Wirecolor Range Version: v2

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This Script creates the largest possible separation of color values (based on Hue, Saturation and Value) for the amount of selected objects. The script generates a color spectrum that can be mapped in 4 different ways:
– by name order
– selection order
– distance to node
– random order

It also can set object ID for objects where the colors are repeating.

A wirecolor render pass can be used in image editing software, like After Effects, for many different effects, most importantly matte selection. By combing a wirecolor and objectID render pass, you should be able to create a unique matte for every object in your scene.

– Drag and drop the script into your 3ds max viewport
– Go to Customize, Customize User Interface
– Under Group:Main UI, Category:DMZ. You will find the script ‘Color Range’
– Either add it to a keybord shortcut or add it to a toolbar.
– Enjoy!

PS, this is my very first published script. Please let me know if everything is in working order!

Version Requirement:

written for 3ds Max 2016 and 2018