Maxscript Protector
Maxscript Protector Version:  2.0

Date Updated: 24/01/2018

This year Maxscript Protector was completly rewritten using latest technologies to make reliable protection for your scripts.
Don’t let anyone to steal your intellectual property!
Standard mse encryption in 3DS Max is not safe. There are decryption programs in the internet. We offer a new reliable technology of encryption so that no one can access your source code. Maxscript protector is very easy to use and high performance. It doesn’t slow down your code. It supports 3DS Max 2010 and higher. Users doesn’t need additional software or libraries.

maxscript protector interface

maxscript protector plugin description

maxscript protector plugin description2

—V 2.0—
-The plugin core is completely rewritten
-Added 2 protection modes
-Maxscript Protector now doesn’t require administrator privileges
-New fresh design and animated indicator
-The encryption process uses separate thread and doesn’t freeze the interface.

We would like to thank all of our beta testers for their feedback during Maxscript Protector development. We had some great feedback and really appreciate the time everyone took to report issues and suggest improvements. Your comments are important for us.

maxscript protector competition

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Other Software Required:

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