Rhino 6 released bringing full Grasshopper integration
Robert McNeel & Associates has announced the release of Rhino 6, bringing the visual programming language Grasshopper into the core application. Major new features include:
  • Grasshopper is out of beta and integrated into Rhino’s core. It now supports HDPI screens and includes multithreading for some components.
  • Grasshopper includes new components, including Make2D, Symbol Display, Bend, Flow, Maelstrom, Splop, Splorph, Stretch, Taper, Twist.
  • Kangaroo is added, an interactive relaxation solver and physics engine.
  • Snapshot mode to save and return to states of appearance in models.
  • A new raytraced viewport mode.
  • Improved default rendering settings.
  • Improvements to simplify material creation, decal placement and UV unwrapping.
  • Speed and quality improvements to display pipeline.
  • Improvements to the documentation pipeline including a completely reworked annotation-style interface, better DWG support, and support for RichText.
  • Improvements to Make2D including an improved UI, dashed hidden line layers, a new Grasshopper Make2D component to create compositions with custom logic, support for clipping planes, support for whole scene silhouettes.
  • Many more minor bug fixes and improvements
Rhino costs €995 for a new perpetual license, and Rhino 5 users can upgrade for €395 until 15 May 2018, after which time upgrades will cost €395. Find out more about what’s new in the new release on the Rhino website.
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