Sini Scatter beta
Sini Software
has released a beta version of a new scattering plugin for 3DS Max.
Features include:


    • The ability use scene geometry, Sini’s own cross-renderer proxy format, or 3rd party proxies.


    • Ability to scatter on a surface, and use exclusion splines to remove items.


    • Paintbrush tools for placing and deleting objects manually.


    • Ability to randomise the transforms of scattered objects.


    • Use distribution maps to control planting patterns, including separate maps per object.


    • The ability to save presets to a library.


    • The ability to animate objects appearing without affecting distribution


    • The ability to randomise the tint of textures.


    • The ability to convert a scatter to 3DS Max native geometry.


    • Optimised for use with V-Ray.


Scatter is currently available to try free in an open beta. Rental licenses are expected to cost either £5 per month or £50 annually.

Find out more on the Sini website.

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