Substance Painter 2017.4 released

Allegorithmic has announced their Autumn release of Substance Painter. Version 2017.4 introduces a new layer instancing features that enables users to share the content of one of more layers across multiple texture sets. This makes it possible to make changes to a material and have all the texture sets update automatically. It is possible to share either the full layer stack or only specific layers and folders.


The Substance Painter Live-Link plugin has also been updated and now supports Unreal in addition to Unity. Using this plugin a user can see the results of their changes in Substance update immediately in the game engine.

Twenty new procedural materials in a variety of categories are also included as well as 40 new grunge maps, several of which are also procedural.

Finally, the Sketchfab exporter has been improved to allow draft publishing making it possible to iterate on a design without having to create multiple projects.

Find out more about the new released on the Allegorithmic blog.