TP Debugger

Alexander Urik has released a scripted operator for thinking particles that enable the user to visualise data in real-time. Features include:

  • The ability to visualize values directly on particles from particle inputs that include PID, Group, Position, Velocity, Age, LifeSpan, Size, Scale, Alignment, Mass, Spin, Randomseed, UniqueID, MtlTime, Transform,  IsAlive, IsBorn, IsDie, and IsEnterGroup.
  • A HUD display for visualization data in upper viewport corner.
  • Visualisation of custom Conditions.
  • Visualisation of custom inputs: Integer, Scalar, Vector, Velocity, Direction, Bool, Color, and Particle.
  • Visualise Velocity and Direction input as lines.
  • Visualise Particle input as lines and show distance, useful for visualization of Joints, References or PSearch particles
    Visualise Colors as filled rectangles .
  • Show Min, Max and Average values of particles in HUD Display.
  • Show First Last and Count of particles in HUD Display.
  • Custom color and text description of visualized values.
  • Custom particle and condition markers.
  • Show text with black outlines to improve readability.
  • Turning off all operators at once or solo one operator.
  • Auto disabling TP Debugger when exceed particle limit to prevent system slowdown.
  • Stacking more TP Debuggers on each particle.

TP Debugger is available in two versions, a freelance version for $39.90 and a studio editionfor $99.90. Tutorials are available on YouTube.