Unreal 4.19 released

Epic Games выпустила новое значительное обновление для Unreal Engine с несколькими  новыми функциями :

    • The ability to reduce output blur using a new temporal upsampling method that performs both a temporal accumulation of the frame at a lower resolution and primary spatial upscale.


    • Support for dynamic resolution switching on XBox Pone and PlayStation 4 that adjusts resolution on the fly to maintain  a desired framerate


    • A unified AR framework for building augmented reality apps compatible with Apple and Google devices.


    • Lights now use physically based units.


    • A Maya Motionbuilder live link plugins that allow you to preview changes made in the apps in real-time in Unreal. This includes the ability to control Unreal’s editor camera by manipulating the active camera in Maya and support for motion controllers.


    • Sequencer has been improved with the ability to copy, paste and duplicate tracks; reuse a level sequence in different coordinate spaces; use sequencer weight blending with blueprints and more.


    • Landscape LOD system is changed from being distance-based to using screen size to determine the detail level.


    • A new proxy LOD system for creating low Poly LODs with baked materials for multiple meshes. Currently, only windows is supported but it will be a replacement for SimplyGon.


    • The ability to save parameter values to a new child instance or sibling instance in the Material Editor and the Material Instance Editor.


    • An experimental material layering system enabling the user to combine and blend materials in a stack.


    • An upgraded auto convex hull tool.


    • The ability to share facial animations between characters by animating a curve to drive a pose without having any bone transforms.


    • Several improvements to the cloth system.


    • Animation tools have been improved with the addition of up to 4 viewports in animation editor viewports, the ability to follow and orbit specific bones, additional skeletal mesh component debug info, the ability to change the visibility of a skeletal mesh section at runtime and more.


    • A new visualisation category for motion controllers to quickly add a display model.


    • Support for VIVE Pro and several platform SDK updates.


    • Many more feature improvements, blueprint updates, performance enhancements and more.


To see the full list of changes in Unreal 4.19 visit the Epic Game’s blog.











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