VECmap tools released
Clovis Gay
has released a new tool for 3DS Max that allows users to paint a vector map directly onto a mesh. There are several options for using the maps to drive particles, deform UVs and meshes, and control the initial and bend direction of V-Ray fur, but many other uses are certainly possible. The full feature list includes:


    • The ability to paint on meshes.


    • Shortcuts to change brush size using the CTRL+SHIFT keys, delete using the ALT Key and draw straight lines using the SHIFT key.


    • The ability to change brush opacity.


    • The ability to change brush blur.


    • The ability to paint vectors in the direction of your Brush Stroke.


    • Attract / repulse options.


    • Support for Undo, Redo and Reset options.


    • The ability to set map resolution.


    • The ability to save and load a map.


Pflow mode

    • 2 new data presets to read vector maps.


    • The ability to set Speed from a vector map.


    • Stick on surface.


    • The ability to change Speed of the particles along the map.


    • The ability to control particle rotation using the vectors.


UV mode :

    • A new modifier to simulate UV’s deformations using vector maps or simulate mesh deformations.


The plugin is compatible with 3DS Max 2016 – 2018 and costs 30.00€. Find out more on Kinematic Lab’s website.

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