SmartRefs released for 3DS Max

SingularByte has announced the release of SmartRefs, a new external referencing plugin for 3DS Max promising significant improvements over Max’s native XRef tools. SmartRefs allow the user to:

    • Modify referenced objects in the master scene, even animate them.


    • Update changes made to the referenced files. Local modifications are retained.


    • Reference and animate a rigged character, including those created with Biped or CAT, in the master scene.


    • Modify, add or delete  animation controllers, modifiers, and materials int he master scene.


    • Have a reference scene just for materials and use them in any number of scenes.


    • Modify hierarchies in the master scene and referenced files, the changes will be updated in the master scenes. Useful for making modifications to rigged characters.


    • Have proxies of whole referenced scenes.


    • Only store modified data in the master scene, keeping files as small as possible.Alternatively referenced objects can be saved in the master scene, making it easier to share a files. When the referenced files are available they can be updated in the master scene automatically.


    • Nest references as much as is required.


    • Work with most of the popular plugins and tools.


    • Work with Design Connected’s Connecter App.


    • Plus much more.


SmartRefs costs $239 per license or $199 for orders of 5 licenses or more. Find our more on the SmartRefs website.