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    Camera Map Multi

    Changsoo Eun выпустила новый MCG, который позволяет пользоват

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    05 Мар
    MCG Mirror Morph

    MCG Mirror Morph Version: 1.01 Date Updated: 03/05/2018 This MCG will mirror the form of your geome

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    MCG Fit BBox

    MCG Fit BBox Version: 1.00 Date Updated:03/02/2018 This MCG will auto fit one mesh to the BBox of an

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    MCG Shell Be Right

    MCG Shell Be Right Version:1.00 Дата обновления:03/01/2018 Если вы исполь

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    25 Фев
    MCG Clonewolf

    MCG Clonewolf Version: 1.03 Date Updated:  02/27/2018 This Clonewolf allows both local rotation AN

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    MCG Muscle Node

    MCG Muscle Node Version: 1.0 This is a dynamic object that connects the open edges of two objects. Y

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    Vusta has released an MCG  replacement for Max’s built in Path Constrain controller that fixes th

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    MCG PathConstraintAxis

    MCG PathConstraintAxis Version: 1.01 Date Updated: 02/13/2018 This MCG gets rid of the flipping pro

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    17 Ноя
    MCG PMesh

    MCG PMesh Version:1.00 Date Updated:11/17/2017 While this may not be quite so polished, it may get y

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    22 Окт
    MCG Renderable Points

    MCG Renderable Points Version:1.00 Date Updated:10/22/2017 No the question isn’t WHY…but

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